Cat Knitted Green Cardigan


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Church Altars | Cyril Porchet | Via


Brion Cemetary in San Vito d’Altivole near Treviso, Italy is considered Italian architect Carlo Scarpa’s most important and complex work. “I consider this work, if you permit me, to be rather good and one which will get better over time. I have tried to put some poetic imagination into it, though not in order to create poetic architecture but to make a certain kind of architecture that could emanate a sense of formal poetry. The place for the dead is a garden. I wanted to show some ways in which you could approach death in a social and civic way; and further what meaning there was in death, in the ephemerality of life other than these shoe-boxes.” Scarpa died in 1978, in a construction site accident. He is buried in this cemetery in a standing position in a hidden spot within the interstitial space where the walls of the old and new cemeteries meet.


Attention all coke fans..

my new squareletto nails featuring the “coca cola red” from OPI, also “you’re so VAN-ILLA” on my ring finger

عشاق الكوكا كولا

ماني كوكا كولا باستخدام اصباغ او بي آي الجديده


Mads Mikkelsen photographed by David Slade


Worldwide X & Y Release; Let me show you my Pokemon! - AJ

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of witches | listen.  

14 songs for witchcraft in the christ-haunted south.

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Stood around and made a few jokes with talented pretty man @arzE (via Heems’ Instagram)

Artist: UnknownYeah Yeah Yeahs
Title: UnknownMaps
Album: Unknown

Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Wait! They don’t love you like I love you
Wait! They don’t love you like I love you


"Ted and Robin were meant to be tog-"


"The Blue French Horn was such a swe-"


"Robin has always loved Ted, even when she rej-"


"The finale provided closure and—"



Swords in Art - Modern Samurai, Musketeer and Knight

  • by Adrian Dadich


Remember when the BBC made a Musketeers promo that was basically a fanvid? And set it to Rizzle Kicks? I DO.

fic: nor love

William Morris patterns