positivity- five hours of happy music ((listen))

young volcanoes-fall out boy. bang bang-nick minaj, ariana grande, jessie j. how to be a heartbreaker-marina and the diamonds. pumpin blood-nonono. sweeter than fiction-taylor swift. that green gentleman-panic! at the disco. social casualty-5sos. feel again-onerepublic. heart attack-one direction.move-little mix. turn me on-david guetta ft nicki minaj. collar full-panic! at the disco. kiss me kiss me-5sos. let me in-grouplove. ready or not-bridgit mendler. thanks for nothing-downtown fiction. team-lorde. best i ever had-drake. check yes juliet-we the kings. i’m ready-ajr.stay the night-zedd. tonight i’m getting over you-carly rae jepsen. na na na-my chemical romance. you make me feel so-cobra starship. shake it off-taylor swift. come a little closer-taylor swift. something that we’re not-demi lovato. flawless-beyonce ft. nick minaj. gold-britt nicole. something about the sunshine-anna margret. ain’t it fun-paramore. bow down/ i been on- beyonce. no diggity & thrift shop- ed sheeran & passenger. power & control- marina and the diamonds. run this town- jay-z, kayne west, & rihanna. tonight you’re perfect- new politics. somebody to you-the vamps.rock me-one direction. dna-little mix. long live rock & roll-daughtry. white lies-max frost. bulletproof picasso-train. f**k u betta-neon hitch. the take over, the break’s over-fall out boy. miss movin’ on-fifth harmony. bezerk-eminem. white walls-macklemore. out of my league-fitz and the tantrums. english love affair-5sos. stolen dance-milky chance. you-charli xcx. dance dance-fall out boy. na na-treyz songs. break the rules-charli xcx. florida kilos-lana del rey. happily-one direction. loser like me-glee. heads will roll-loser like me. la la la-naughty boy. pursuit of happiness-kid cudi. queen of disaster-lana del rey. problem-asap rocky. the mighty fall-fall out boy. fallen-imagine dragons. fluorescent adolescent-arctic monkeys. daydreamin-ariana grande. rather be-clean bandit. thinking of you-ke$ha. best i ever had-gavin degraw. like a champion-selena gomez. hit and run-lolo. wonder what you’re doing for the rest of your life-train. black widow-rita ora. sing-ed sheeran. paper planes-mia. drive by-train. grow a pear-ke$ha. teenagers-mcr. this is gospel-panic! at the disco. 






  • incredibly long crosscountry train ride AU
  • police procedural AU
  • bookstore AU
  • reluctant teammates that save the world together AU
  • platonic living together AU
  • lawyers AU
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This pressure on bi women that, as soon as they come out to someone, they must provide a detailed dating history with the exact same number of women and men or otherwise they’re “not really bi” and “picked a side” must stop immediately. 

and it is also highly binarist and shows a regrettable tendency towards gender policing as well as biphobia


thanks julian

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there is an ocean in my soul - an ocean/water themed mix for #1 sad squid Theon Greyjoy

i. King of the Beach - Wavves // ii. What the Water Gave Me - Florence + the Machine // iii. Dots and Dashes (Enough Already) - Silversun Pickups // iv. The Ocean - Against Me // v. Little Black Submarines - The Black Keys // vi. The River - PJ Harvey // vii. Black Wave/Bad Vibration - Arcade Fire // viii. Cherry Waves (Acoustic) - Deftones // ix. Night at Lake Unknown - Connor Oberst


Misty Morning in Bagan, Myanmar | by: {  }


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I was waaay back in my archive deleting posts and these two pictures were next to each other and I just

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Robert Moscoe: I have to ask. Anything you can say about Iroh's experiences after Lu Ten's death and before he returned home to the Fire Nation capitol?

Michael Dante DiMartino: He definitely had a 'walkabout', if you will, where he left the battlefield and had some sort of journey throughout the world after Lu Ten's death and before he returned to the Fire Nation.

Bryan Konietzko: We're seeing Iroh in his golden years, when he's been softened by loss which has changed his perspective on what's important to him and what's important in life. As we've shown and had talked about, he was once a serious military giant, a very capable general, and he was very fierce. To me he's such an interesting character because a lot of times people find themselves in situations which they happen to be very good at. He was born into this very powerful, aggressive family and just so happened to have a gift and the strength for it. But not all people are just one way, and he certainly had this gentle, kind side which appreciated life, all forms of life, and he could appreciate all cultures. If you look back on the great swordmasters of Asian history, a lot of them were artists, poets, masters of tea ceremony, actors, and the like. So I think when he lost something really near and dear, he went on a spiritual journey. He was lost and that other part of him was calmed. It's not gone, it's just not the most important thing to him anymore.

Robert Moscoe: So he was a very different man before the death of Lu Ten.

Bryan Konietzko: Yeah. He was never a cruel man. But he was very good at what he did, and it was the role he was supposed to play. He went along with it, very successfully.

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King Xerxes was king of Persia from 486-465 BC. His wife was Queen Amestris. King Xexes was murdered by Artabanus, who then gave the position of power to his seven sons. According to Aristotle, Artabanus was then killed by Artaxerxes, son of Xerxes and Amestris.

This draws interesting parallels to FMA, where the country of Xerxes was destroyed by Father. Father then created the seven homunculi, and gave the highest position of power in the country to one of his sons, and the other homunculi watched over the Amestrian cities.

It is fitting, that Father, like Artabanus, was killed by Edward Elric, with a mother from Amestris, and a father from Xerxes. Like Artaxerxes, Ed avenged the Xerxesian people by dealing the final blow on Father.